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Body of Knowledge Committee Update July 01, 2006

Release 1.0 of the Body of Knowledge is now available!

The purpose of this release is to add draft detailed content to the structure that was published in BOK 1.0, as well as refine the structure in a few places. The material published here replaces all previous BOK releases and draft chapters that has also been posted.

This release is designed to provide the IAPPM constituency with a good picture of the current direction of the Body of Knowledge and the type of content you can expect. Most importantly this release will provide the basis for some further feedback and refinement that will allow us to finalize the direction of the BOK and ensure your needs are met with its content.

This document represents a draft snapshot of the Knowledge Area documentation as of July 2006. The committee for the Knowledge Areas were formed at different times and consequently each KA has reached a different state of maturity. We will continually add to the pieces you feel we need to add or change. Significant changes to the content and structure of every Knowledge Area are likely before the next release.

The Body of Knowledge committee has not yet had an opportunity to review all of the content and it is recognized that this draft version will have inconsistencies and gaps. Please review this draft and add or provide comments to IAPPM. We are also refining our style guide and not all of the draft content is in the refined format.

We will need your feedback on:
The structure of the BOK
The level of detail – are we headed in the right direction
The current content
Other topics or areas that may need to be covered

The Preface to BOK 1.0 outlines our structure for gathering feedback in the coming months.

We strongly debated whether to post this draft content or wait until a formal review process was completed with the BOK core team. We decided that we would add more value to the Project and Program Management community by sharing the available content now and creating a review and feedback process that would run concurrently with the BOK core team’s review for consistency and coherence across the BOK as a whole.

What hasn't changed?
The Body of Knowledge represents the unique knowledge necessary for someone to be a successful project or program manager - with insight to practical approaches to our profession. It sets in part an industry standard for practice and knowledge, and is maintained by PM practitioners with input from other stakeholders. Once complete, the BOK will form the basis of the accreditation CPM program.

What to expect in future
We will start up the feedback gathering mechanisms. We will start planning for the next release. The existing committee will continue to add detailed content and will then start to react to your feedback. Sub-committees for the remaining BOK areas will be formed.

  Available Documents
(PDF and PPS Format):
   Demystifying the CPPMBoK
   BoK release 1.0
   Reference Guide 1.0
   CIPABOK Ver 1.0