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Memorandum of Association  IAPPM By-Laws 
 The name of the Association shall be
"The International Association of Project and Program Management"
 Place of Office
IAPPM shall have its main office located in New Jersey, United States of America. It shall also have regional country chapters throughout the globe 
The aims and Objectives of  IAPPM shall be:
  To promote unity and create fellow-feeling amongst members of the project profession.
  Provide the highest quality, most comprehensive and current study materials, training classes, seminars and courses so that individuals may prepare for the IAPPM certifications.
  Work with business, professional associations, and individual CPM holders to promote the CPM as the best and most comprehensive project and program business certification program available. These efforts will continually increase the value of the CPM designation, curriculum and continuing education programs.
  Require CPM holders to adhere to the Code of Professional Ethics for Project and Program Professionals.
  To provide and maintain a suitable library and to provide facilities for the advancement of project knowledge;
  To associate itself with any project or program management initiatives and research;
  To affiliate and get affiliated with any other Association or Associations connected with the project, program, general management, quality or product management profession;
  To watch the state of the project and program management industry, it's progress and to take such steps as may be necessary for their future progress and reform;
  To publish articles and quarterly newsletters for its members.;
  To associate itself with any project or program management initiatives and research;
  To take such measures which generally promote the welfare of IAPPM
 Membership of Association
IAPPM shall have its members join IAPPM for a annual fee as disclosed on its pricing list for each respective year. Members are to renew their memberships if they require to remain active for the following year. 
 Cessation or Termination of Membership
Members shall cease to be so if: 
  The monthly subscription falls in arrear for six months or more in case of an ordinary member.
  He/She resigns from membership and his/her resignation is accepted by the IAPPM Committee, or
  it appears that the continuance of any person as member of the Association for any other reason affecting the honor and dignity of the profession or the Association, it is deemed expedient to do, provided, always that the member concerned shall be afforded an opportunity of giving his/her explanation.
 Executive IAPPM team
There shall be an Executive committee of the Association for the management and control of its affairs; The Executive Committee shall consist of the following members :-
  President and CEO
  Country Chapter Presidents for each country 
  Technical Director 
  Editorial Director 
  Secretary and Treasurer 
The terms of Executive committee shall be fulltime or until such time permits that the Association has grown to 10,000 members whereby the executive Committee will nominate additional members.
 Executive Responsibilities 
The Executive Committee shall exercise the power and perform the function mentioned below-
  generally mange and control the affairs of the Association.
  grant and sanction expenditure in case of emergency over and above the budgeted amount to the extent of  $2,000
  entertain and approve or reject applications for membership of the Association, as it may deem proper, based on an applicants project, program, technical or management skills.
  form sub-committee or sub-committees for any volunteer projects to promote the project industry, assist with enquiry, report or work.
  recommend to the Association the removal of any member from its membership
  take such other steps as may be necessary for carrying out the aims and objectives of the Association.
  make rules and regulations for the use of its website, enrolment of certification members, future Association initiatives and for the proper conduct of IAPPM